Sunday, September 11, 2005

100 things about me.

Yep, it's come to this.
Everyone else in the blogosphere seems to have done it I'm just about bored enough tonight to do it myself.

*deep breath*
Here goes:

  1. I jumped out of my bedroom window and ran away from home after being sent to my room while I was still in junior school.
  2. I stayed at my best friends house all afternoon before trying to sneak back into the house.
  3. I got caught by my next door neighbour who alerted the rest of the neighbourhood I'd been found, it took 2 days before mum realised I'd seriously hurt myself
  4. I still have a hairline fracture across my right foot to show for it.
  5. I have 3 younger brothers
  6. I am the eldest
  7. I like to meet new people
  8. So far I've been lucky regarding my net meets
  9. Apart from the first one I dated, he was a wanker - and my only Asian bloke to date.
  10. I got married at 26 to a scout leader
  11. I'm getting divorced at 29 from a bar manager
  12. It's completely amicable.
  13. I am a karaoke queen
  14. I used to sing for a living in a covers duo called Electric Blue on the pub/ club scene
  15. I lasted 3 months in that job, it sucked so much that for around a year after I quit I didn't like to sing anymore
  16. I still miss being in a band, writing songs was fun.
  17. I love pictures featuring beautiful landscapes and frequently wish I was in one.
  18. I say I never want children but secretly I just think I don't deserve them
  19. I can be very bitter about past relationships, not because of what they did to me, but because I allowed them to do it.
  20. I try not to be bitter ever and endeavor to put all the crap behind me
  21. I have trust issues but I try to ignore them
  22. Sometimes I think there is another person in my head guiding my actions, this makes me wonder if I should seek help...
  23. Every day I try to be a better person
  24. I don't always succeed
  25. I'm horrible to be around when I'm on my period
  26. I don't handle pain at all well
  27. I hate that that makes me a stereotype
  28. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, this means I can be nasty a lot because I'm nearly always in pain.
  29. I love my boyfriend very much
  30. I want more than anything for us to have a home that isn't temporary
  31. I also want to learn web design so I can work at home around this damned illness.
  32. I want to see more of my friends but they all live too far away
  33. I need to learn to drive.
  34. I want a purple mini - moddied up to the hilt!
  35. I'm too much of a romantic
  36. My favorite type of film falls under the heading 'chick flick'
  37. I own several Mills & Boons
  38. I plan to get more
  39. I spend far too much money on books and dvds
  40. I claim I'm open minded but certain lifestyles make me purse my lips like a dried up old spinster aunt
  41. I have very strong opinions on very few subjects, I'm better known as miss instant opinion generally
  42. I'll talk to anyone about anything and sometimes they'll even think I know what I'm talking about, unless it's sport, can't fake sport.
  43. I still don't know what I want with my life, but I do know a lot of what I don't want
  44. I used to believe in tree spirits and I'd aplogise if we'd damaged a tree during play
  45. Sometimes I still think I have some kind of connection to the world around me, I have moments where I feel a little 'fey'
  46. I guess that explains my fondness for fantasy books
  47. I've been between 9-91/2 stone for the last 10 years
  48. I have a terrible diet yet I manage to convince myself I eat healthily
  49. I once organised a 4 day music event including 27 bands and it went off without a hitch.
  50. I have many humiliating memories but only one embarrassing secret
  51. I'll never tell a soul that one thing, everything else is fair game.
  52. I have never had a permanent dye on my hair
  53. I like tattoos but I'm too picky and lazy to ever get one
  54. I used to ride a motorbike
  55. I sometimes miss it but I prefer being a pillion
  56. I don't like being alone, I need company even if it's only on messenger.
  57. I used to love being alone and would often go for long walks to avoid people
  58. I don't know why I changed
  59. I am very easily distracted
  60. I can no longer multi-task
  61. I have to be in the right mood if I'm cooking anything fancy, otherwise it just ends up inedible
  62. I wish I had more ambition and drive
  63. I can play the drums a little but I stopped to take up bass guitar
  64. I stopped playing because of an ex boyfriend, he was a fantastic drummer and he often ridiculed my feeble attempts
  65. I hate that I allowed him to make me feel that way and wish I'd made him pay for the kit of mine that he gave away when I left (and the bass amp, bloody lovely it was - Nolan valve amp, gorgeous warm sound to it...)
  66. I sold my first drum kit to pay for my first motorbike
  67. I got the better deal
  68. I'm jealous of my best friends talent but am too lazy to put in as much work as she does to equal her
  69. I have very few friends and none of them live close
  70. This bothers me occasionally
  71. I hate clothes shopping, I have no idea about fashion
  72. I love furniture shopping
  73. I like to look around properties for sale even though I'm in no position to buy one
  74. I have a strange sense of humour
  75. I have a strict moral code
  76. I'm beginning to realise there's not a lot to know about me
  77. I was a bouncer for 6 years
  78. It was at a music venue and I met a lot of bands
  79. I no longer really enjoy going to gigs because of that job
  80. it's the only job I ever really enjoyed and I've had a lot of different kinds of work.
  81. I like swords and knives but only to look at, the thought of using them to harm someone sickens me
  82. I sometimes dream of killing people or being killed
  83. Those dreams are always ridiculously violent
  84. I wake up screaming far too often
  85. yet in my waking life I'm mostly happy
  86. My favourite colour is purple, but I also like green
  87. I don't really like pink or yellow - especially pink
  88. I love mashed potato
  89. When I was 19 I missed my final exam in theatre studies because my bitch housemate switched off my alarm so it wouldn't disturb her - despite being 3 floors above me.
  90. I lied about it to my dad and step mum and told them I passed and got a 'C'
  91. It's the reason they didn't speak to me for 3 months after they found out, I felt no remorse about the lie, I was just angry that my stepmum had opened my mail and started the argument.
  92. I have an ok figure, if I ever exercised it'd be a fantastic figure - I'm just too unmotivated
  93. I will answer any question asked of me but I hate people going through my stuff
  94. I can't drive but I want to learn
  95. I sometimes worry that I will never be well again
  96. I worry about a lot of things all the time, even when I know there is no reason too
  97. I bottle things up
  98. I don't handle confrontation very well unless I'm in a working environment and it's with someone I don't know
  99. The thing I like most in other people is the ability to appreciate the absurd even in the most mundane of things.
  100. The thing I like most about me is me


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Blogger Juggling Mother said...

Wow, what an insight into you.

i've avoided doing the 100 things because a) it sounds like a lot of effort, b)I don't think there are 100 things I could say that anyone would care to hear, and c) I think I'm really a bit too secretive (plus I lie to myself all the time!)

Thanks for coming to see my blog earlier.

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