Saturday, November 06, 2004

taking a break from the tunes

Ok - just a quick list while I wait for Gina to show for a girls night out, I'm getting cuffuffled with the love songs and I'm too busy trying to write a novel to go through all my mp3's right now.
Damn that nanowrimo thingamajig!
ok - top TEN 'classic' films:

  1. Enemy mine
  2. Tank girl
  3. It's a wonderful life
  4. Tron
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Top gun
  7. Shawshank redemption
  8. Calamity Jane
  9. The sound of music
  10. Roxanne
and an honourable mention for 'innerspace' 'flight of the navigator' and any Bruce Lee movie.
Though after watching 'Big Fish' last night... wow.
Future classic - no two ways about it. powerful stuff. I wish I knew someone willing to even imagine all that stuff for me.


Blogger Vics said...

can't believe i forgot to put 'the lost boys' down on there! ah well... anymore for any more?

9:14 PM  

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