Sunday, October 10, 2004

Charmed, I'm sure

Ahhh I feel many to come - so here's a list of the ones I shall attempt *grin* told you this blog was a simple timewaster...

'Best of ' list:
  1. Love songs
  2. Happy tunes
  3. Break up songs
  4. Summer tunes
  5. Chill choooons
  6. Angry songs
  7. Karoke songs
  8. Albums
  9. Melancholy songs
  10. 'Silly' tunes

But where does it end? Do I make it a top 100 for all my lists? hmmm... actually - I don't see why not.

Right then. Top 100 for everything. Wait til the next post for my top 100 love songs... I'm not sure how I'll manage with the happy tunes though - have you noticed how thats the smallest 'genre' of music? and I'm betting there'll be a fair amount of crossover in all this - can't help but really.


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