Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's raining men

Oh yeah baby - again, I'm thinking of something because of the music whore... she has sadly shown such poor taste in male eye candy I feel forced to 'educate' her *grin* (Sorry Andrea... it has to be done)

ok. we have:
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    Mmmmmmmmm Jason Statham

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    Yes, he is a cutie is Luke Wilson

  3. Of course Vin Diesel and
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    Paul Walker had to go together, which did YOU drool over more in the fast and the furious?

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    Dennis Quaid, my long term love

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    Everyone's fave, George Clooney

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    Baby faced Billy Zane, gives me twin peaks *grin*

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    My favourite airhead, Brendan

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    John Cusak - need I say more?

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    I wouldn't mind a 'first contact' thats fer DAMN sure

So... top film totty for the lasses there. I would have made it musical lads - but sadly, while I know the songs I like, I have no real clue what the artists look like... mainly.
Lets just leave it at Justin Timberlake does NADA for me eh?! I'd let our friend the musicwhore pick a date for me before I went there...


Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Brendan and Jon are the only ones that do anything for me.

To each his own I always say...

The underdog needs love too, and that's why I'm love the underdog...

3:33 PM  
Blogger Stefanio said...

well hope for us tough baldies ;-), if 2 make the top 3. I won't do a top ten birds on my blog, as it seems tacky and i'll leave that to FHM or the likes.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Vics said...

yey, ok - so this means i get 8 out of 10 to myeslf? deal I can be magnanimous, andrea - john and brendan are yours *grin*

Stef, m'love... Obviously had I done a list of non-famous baldies... you would've been no. 1 *kiss*
LOL I'd have no choice, Mat'd probably set Zakk on me else *grin*

4:58 AM  

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