Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things I want to learn

Another list for the list blog, this is my wishlist of things that I wish I had the time and energy to learn properly, some I may manage to learn, others will never happen.

  1. How to drive
  2. Wing chun
  3. PHP
  4. AJAX
  5. Qigung
  6. kali fighting
  7. css3
  8. html5
  9. water skiiing
  10. windsurfing
  11. snorkelling
  12. skydiving
  13. sailing
  14. how to sing properly
  15. Italian
  16. sign language
  17. glass working (too many things under this to list singly)
  18. metal working (too many things under this to list singly)
  19. wood working (too many things under this to list singly)
  20. first aid
  21. Javascript
  22. xml/xslt
  23. how to create an app for android
  24. how to use photoshop to design a website theme
  25. how to set up and run my own business
  26. how to play guitar/ bass
  27. how to play drums
  28. how to cook a meal my other half won't criticize
  29. how to dance; ballroom/ latin and hip hop
  30. fencing (as in with swords not seperating gardens)
  31. how to write a book and get it published
  32. the ins and outs of the entire microsoft office suite
  33. how to use bryce and other 3d modelling art programmes
  34. how to build a wall
  35. how to change a lock
  36. how to plaster a wall
  37. how to tile a floor/ wall
  38. talk to people without feeling like an idiot/ socially inept moron
  39. be able to give an informative and engaging presentation
  40. flower arrangement
  41. capoeira
  42. to do something fancy with my hair
  43. use a diablo and devil sticks
  44. play a violin
  45. ice skating
  46. how to draw/ paint
  47. knotwork
  48. spanish and portuguese
  49. enamelling
  50. how to use a sewing machine and follow a dress making pattern
  51. how to crochet
  52. how to fix a motorbike/ car
  53. how to make scented candles
  54. how to mimc accents in speech
  55. how to navigate by the stars
  56. how to grow my own food
  57. belly dancing
  58. pole dancing
  59. how to give a decent massage
  60. what all those weird creams and cosmetics are for
  61. how to film decent editable footage
  62. how to take a decent photo
  63. correct posture
  64. Lingo (for adobe director)
  65. pottery
  66. frame pictures
  67. handgliding
  68. pot-holing
  69. patience and contentment - if you can learn this things then I need to!
Methinks I need a few lifetimes for even half this list and I'm betting I'll add to it - the more I learn the more there seems to be to need to learn if I want to use that knowledge properly.

Life is just too damned short!


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