Monday, November 22, 2004

Sacred Love - Sting style

Now that has to be the best phonecall I've recieved in a long time *HUGE BEAMING GRIN*
the question "Do you want a ticket to see Sting? I've got one here waiting if you want it..."
well... It could only be met with an ear piercing shriek of joy and disbelief as I raced to grab a coat.

Now this concert was originally scheduled for May but got put back for various reasons - I know this because it was supposed to be the night after I went to see Incubus, I was planning a double header for my birthday - till I found out Sting had sold out within about 3 days of it going on sale.
So to have my lovely wonderful saint of a housemate (ok, he may be a filthy beast - but I love him because he's a filthy beast who is also incredibly thoughtful and generous) ring me up and tell me that he has a ticket from one of the touts by his coffee stand - well! It certainly beat any plan I had of browsing blogs and struggling with fireworks mx.

Oh... and it was not just any seat either!

He had managed to procure for me one of the closest seats to the stage its possible to get that isn't in the stalls.
Yes, so what if I was looking at the left hand side of Stings face the whole time - I was in PRIME viewing position for
  • Keith Carlock on drums (August '03 Modern Drummer cover guy)
  • Rhani Krija on percussion
  • Kipper on keyboards
and the 2 AMAZING backing vocalists (both solo artists in their own rights)
  • Joy Rose from Birmingham (and yes she has the power and control of Aretha matched with the delicacy and precision of Alicia Keyes as shown in her blistering duet with the man himself)
  • Donna Gardier, a woman whose vocal talants make me want to just curl up, die and apologise for ever imagining I could sing. Serious.
The sound was just awesome, the technicians deserve the biggest round of applause though - never have I been to a gig that sounded so perfect.
(and coming from me that is HIGH praise, c'mon I've worked at a music venue for around 6-7 years, studied music on and off for 4 years, toured the pubs and clubs as part of a 'duo' as well as put on my own showcase nights for bands I know)

I should also mention the 2 guys I couldn't see quite as well:
  • Dominic Miller on guitar - has played with Sting on every album and tour since 1991
  • Jason Rebello - Piano & Keyboards, and yes the guy is an ivory god.
I walked, well ran, out to the taxi - completely forgetting my cashcard in the rush (so once again thankyou sean for not only paying for my cab but for thrusting a tenner in my hand as you pushed me towards the stairs with ticket brandished excitedly before me.)
I got into the venue to the sounds of 'Hounds of winter' one of my favourite Sting tracks.
Now before I give you the wrong impression (assuming it's not already too late for that) I am not a flag waving t-shirt wearing, sting fan/ groupie - I can barely name 3 albums and half the tunes I know I don't know what they are officially titled, but one thing is for sure - I have never heard a Sting song I've disliked. EVER.
I am incredibly awed by the man, I believe he is undeniably incredibly talanted - but to charge £10 for a program? That is a bit much, eh?!

Anyway, there I was, hounds of winter following me down to my seat (Block 117 row T seat 2) and just instantly caught up in the spell being woven over the entire audience by this array of talant on the stage before us. Everyone sang along to the old favourites ('every little thing she does is magic' and 'every beath you take' to name but 2) It was amusing during some of the slower numbers when the solo spots were out to see this wave of camera phones being pointed in the direction of the stage from every angle - I was especially pleased to see that both Sting and Dominic Miller took the time to stand in a pose long enough for those brave enough to walk up to the front of the stage could get a decent pic. Now THATS a true artist who cares about his audience (or alternatively just likes posing, your call)
Basically - I was left with a Happy happy joy joy bounce kind of feeling (which is what I'm blaming the purchase of a £10 program on - robbing gets!)
I'd definitely go again. This time I'd get there earlier though lol

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Back to the tunes

Well I did say that the next list would be break up tunes...
This should prove incredibly easy to do, sadly I'll probably finish this list before I get 2/3's of the way through my 2 previous ones.
As I've had no sleep yet, I'll just say g'night, god bless and I'm going to have a bash at getting 100 in one go when I get up...
Wish me luck you lovely lovely people - judging by my last poor efforts... I'll need it.
Lets face it - the nanowrimo thing has gone nowhere.
Serious, it reads like a very poor pisstake adventure of a solo charmed one. I need to watch less chick flick stuff and read something other than sci-fi or fantasy...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's raining men

Oh yeah baby - again, I'm thinking of something because of the music whore... she has sadly shown such poor taste in male eye candy I feel forced to 'educate' her *grin* (Sorry Andrea... it has to be done)

ok. we have:
  1. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Mmmmmmmmm Jason Statham

  2. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Yes, he is a cutie is Luke Wilson

  3. Of course Vin Diesel and
  4. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Paul Walker had to go together, which did YOU drool over more in the fast and the furious?

  5. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Dennis Quaid, my long term love

  6. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Everyone's fave, George Clooney

  7. Image Hosted by
<br />
    Baby faced Billy Zane, gives me twin peaks *grin*

  8. Image Hosted by
<br />
    My favourite airhead, Brendan

  9. Image Hosted by
<br />
    John Cusak - need I say more?

  10. Image Hosted by
<br />
    I wouldn't mind a 'first contact' thats fer DAMN sure

So... top film totty for the lasses there. I would have made it musical lads - but sadly, while I know the songs I like, I have no real clue what the artists look like... mainly.
Lets just leave it at Justin Timberlake does NADA for me eh?! I'd let our friend the musicwhore pick a date for me before I went there...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

taking a break from the tunes

Ok - just a quick list while I wait for Gina to show for a girls night out, I'm getting cuffuffled with the love songs and I'm too busy trying to write a novel to go through all my mp3's right now.
Damn that nanowrimo thingamajig!
ok - top TEN 'classic' films:

  1. Enemy mine
  2. Tank girl
  3. It's a wonderful life
  4. Tron
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Top gun
  7. Shawshank redemption
  8. Calamity Jane
  9. The sound of music
  10. Roxanne
and an honourable mention for 'innerspace' 'flight of the navigator' and any Bruce Lee movie.
Though after watching 'Big Fish' last night... wow.
Future classic - no two ways about it. powerful stuff. I wish I knew someone willing to even imagine all that stuff for me.